Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soggy pie crust – the answer

Mitsu and spy apples are in the Farmer’s Market and when I see them I can’t wait to start cooking. With the bounty of Fall apples I wanted to make a pie. However, my pie crust if always soggy. When I visited my sister in rural Quebec, her friends were full of tips to help my crust improve. Alas when I came home with apples and tried a pie, once again my crust was decidedly inedible. Not one to waste food (my parents were raised during the Depression and old lessons die hard) I simply scraped the top crust and apples into a bowl and topped it with the universal flavour enhancer – ice cream. It passed muster for a couple of night’s dessert.
I followed the tips I was given – all except one – use a metal pie plate. I used glass, because that was all I had. But I had a solution to the crust. I sliced the Mitsu apples into a glass pie plate and used an ‘impossible pie’ recipe. You just pour the eggs, flour and lard into the blender, whir with the press of a button and pour it over the apples. It separates out in the cooking. Delicious! I still feel thwarted about the pie crust and will try again, but I’ll wait until I have a metal pie plate.